Environmental Health & Safety

Protecting the Environment and Our Employees

Our Corporate environmental, health, and safety office conducts on-going quality, environmental, health, and safety compliance management and internal auditing of all TCG facilities world-wide. As one of the very few electronics recycling firms with a full time global EH&S staff, TCG has positioned itself to become a world leader in environmentally-sound electronics recycling.

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Quality EH&S is Key

At TCG, we believe in taking extraordinary care to recycle, recover and reuse every part of what’s sent to us. In fact, virtually 100% of our intake is indeed recycled, recovered or reused, with less than one percent – all biodegradable – sent to the landfill.

TCG is committed to:

  • Developing and maintaining quality, environmental, health & safety and security programs that conform to the best practices within the IT asset disposition and electronics recycling industry;
  • Complying with all relevant environmental, health & safety laws and regulations, including federal, state, local and other requirements;
  • Complying with all relevant regulations of the countries importing equipment, components, or materials containing Focus Materials that have passed through our facility or control;
  • Complying with customer and product requirements and industry guidelines, including the Responsible Recycling (R2) practices;
  • Managing used and end-of-life electronics equipment, components and materials based on a hierarchy of first, reuse/refurbish; second, materials recovery; and finally, energy recovery/disposal;
  • Managing the R2 focus materials that pass through our facility or control in a manner protective of worker health and safety, public health and the environment;
  • Preventing workplace injuries by providing a safe environment for employees, contractors, visitors, volunteer workers, temporary workers and anyone else performing activities under our direction;
  • Investigating any workplace accidents, illnesses and near-misses, and promptly correct any unsafe condition or practice;
  • Promoting pollution prevention in all of our operations, including the elimination of electronics waste from landfills;
  • Working with our entire recycling chain including downstream vendors, suppliers, customers and contractors to fulfill our environmental, health & safety goals;
  • Continually improve our quality, environmental, and health & safety programs and resulting performance.
  • Full-Time EH&S Staff

    Our staff constantly works to ensure processes are carried out and always improving.

  • Reuse ->Recycle -> Energy Recovery

    Almost 100% of all material is resued or recycled.

  • Employee Health & Safety

    A clean and safe work environment is always the goal at TCG.