We Make Security a Priority

Security is incredibly important to TCG because we know how important it is for our customers. TCG has thorough measures in place for both physical and digital security. When you entrust your products to Technology Conservation Group, know that they will be protected from the moment they arrive to the moment they are destroyed or prepped for resale in our specialized data destruction room.

TCG security monitoring room

Always Be Protected

TCG takes customer concerns regarding the safekeeping of their material and data very seriously. We are extremely security-conscious and have developed a comprehensive schema used in every facility that includes:

  • 24/7 electronic surveillance, inside and outside, with rolling 3 month file retention
  • On-site guards
  • HID badge-access for buildings, inventory storage, and testing and HDD wiping areas
  • High-security fencing
  • Secure docks
  • Entrance and egress employee screening through stationary metal detectors and/or portable wand scanning
  • RFID materials scanning/tracking
  • Secure information destruction for various types of media
  • Mandatory background screening and non-compete/confidentiality agreements for all employees
  • Non-disclosure agreements for facility visitors
  • 24/7 Video Surveillance

    Each facility has a state-of-the-art camera network with three months of backups and instant review available.

  • HID Badge-Access

    Each entrance is secured using HID cards. Separate access privileges also exist for both inventory and data destruction areas.

  • Background Screening

    Background screening is mandatory for all employees and employees working in the data destruction room undergo further screening and training.