Electronics Recycling

Capture Remaining Value Through Material Recovery

Products that have been designated for recycling or those that have little resale value may still contain valuable commodities that can generate a return with proper separation and handling. TCG has a state of the art material recovery process based around our 30,000 square foot shredding facility.

TCG shredding& processing facility

Recycling & the Circular Economy

End-of-life doesn’t mean end-of-use or even end-of-value; by properly managing products destined for recycling your products can be broken down into their base commodities- keeping hazardous material out of the waste stream and finding new uses for hard to produce commodities.

TCG’s process begins with manual separation of the material in which all “focus materials” and other hazardous products are removed. Products then continue on to our shredding process in which all commodity types are separated for shipment to audited downstream processors. The removed hazardous material is stored properly, prepared for shipment, and ultimately sent to processors who will handle it in an environmentally sound manner exceeding all state and federal regulations.

Proper recycling helps businesses on their path to becoming “green” as well as contributes to the new “circular economy.” The circular economy is one in which materials aren’t limited to one lifetime but are instead used, extracted, and reused as many times as possible before proper disposal at the end of its usable life cycle.

Accepted Materials List

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