TCG is Committed to the R2 Standard

The Responsible Recycling (R2) standard is the electronics recycling industry’s leading certification. The standard is developed through a transparent multi-stakeholder process that is constantly working to keep the certification on the forefront of the industry. The standard is made up of 13 provisions that cover everything from tracking and record-keeping to security and data destruction.

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What is R2 and Why R2 is the right choice for your used & surplus electronics

  • The R2 Standard for Responsible Recycling – R2 was established in response to the growing global crisis caused by improper– and often illegal–disposal of used electronic products. A multi-stakeholder group made up of industry leaders, representatives from environmental agencies, and others with a common desire for safety and accountability, worked together to identify the best industry practices for health, safety, and sustainability. The result of this work is now known as the R2 Standard, the most respected global standard for electronics recyclers and refurbishers.
  • The R2 Standard requires compliance with all international laws and legal requirements – R2 certified facilities, as well as the downstream vendors in their recycling chain, must comply with all legal requirements regarding environmental protection, worker health and safety, and export of reusable electronic equipment.
  • More reuse opportunity for devices – Because reuse is the most environmentally beneficial option, the R2 Standard allows tested equipment that is in good working condition to be exported for reuse when legally permissible. This includes working devices with minor defects, such as laptops, desktops, cell phones, and flat panel displays.
  • More reuse opportunity for parts – The R2 Standard also permits reusable parts and components to be sold to responsible manufacturers and refurbishers in other parts of the world, when legally permissible. Many used electronic parts can be safely recovered and reused to manufacture completely new and different products.
  • No landfilling. Maximum recovery of value – R2 forbids landfilling and all unsafe collection, storage and disposal of electronics equipment. This keeps your equipment from harming communities and the environment, and ensures maximum recovery of valuable resources found in electronics.
  • Protection for your confidential data – The R2 Standard requires protection of confidential and personally identifiable information on electronic devices, and adherence to the top industry standards for data sanitization.
  • Protection for your bottom line – Using an R2 certified company can reduce your risk of environmental liability, data breaches, and damage to your brand resulting from improper management of your used and surplus equipment.
  • Most globally accepted e-cycling standard – With R2 certified facilities operating currently in 21 countries, R2 is positively changing how the world recycles electronics.
  • Most beneficial for emerging markets – The R2 Program supports responsible and legal trade partnerships that promote reuse, training and technology sharing. As safer recycling methods are shared and adopted around the world, both workers and the environment benefit. R2 is also bridging the digital divide by making affordable, used electronics accessible to more people.
  • Ensure Compliance

    R2 requires compliance to all applicable environmental, health and safety, and data security legal requirements.

  • No Landfilling

    R2 strictly prohibits the disposal of any electronic equipment in landfills so your material will always be properly handled.

  • Proper Protection

    Adequate security, insurance, and closure plans are all required for certification so liability is minimized.