Internal & Downstream Vendor Audits

Audits Ensure Constant Compliance

As one of the few electronics recycling firms with full-time EH&S staff, we recognize that conformance with the programs for which we hold certifications – R2:2013 and RIOS: 2006 – is critical. TCG has a well established, documented Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety management system, and as such we conduct ongoing EH&S compliance and internal management system audits at all TCG facilities world-wide.

Shredded material prepared for shipment to downstream vendor

Know Exactly How Your Product Will Be Handled

We have established relationships with credible, professional and reliable end-of-life product and materials vendors. Their ability to provide the greatest opportunity for materials reclamation, in combination with the lowest possible potential for client exposure to materials handling liability, is critical in the selection process. Our EH&S staff conducts an initial process audit to ensure compliance with all R2:2013, Customer and TCG requirements. We follow-up with scheduled and unscheduled audits to ensure they are processing in accordance with the standard we have set forth.

The audit protocol consists of:

  • Completion of Vendor questionnaire
  • A regulatory review based on the information provided in the questionnaire
  • A copy of the vendors audit package, if available, may be requested
  • A review of State and any applicable local regulations
  • Enforcement and Compliance History via federal, state & local databases will be searched for the vendor’s compliance history
  • Regulatory agency file review
  • The on-site audit
  • The audit report
  • Follow-up with vendor to confirm timely corrective action has been taken to address any non-compliance issues identified during the audit
  • Gather Information

    After receiving a completed questionnaire, our audit team gathers all information necessary to conduct the audit- regulations, compliance history, and audit package (if available).

  • Conduct On-Site Audit

    A member of our audit team travels to the site to carry out a compliance audit and to observe relevant processing and handling procedures.

  • Review & Correction

    The audit team breaks down the findings and recommends actions to be taken to address non-compliance issues discovered. After final review, vendor is approved or denied.