Customizable material tracking and reporting to meet your needs.

With TCG, you’ll never be in the dark when it comes to your material and the way it is handled. From the moment we receive a shipment until its final disposition, we can provide updated information on processing stage, testing results, and final certificates based on your requirements.

Assets being counted and tested

Get as Detailed as You Need

TCG tracks your material from the point of receipt through to final disposition. We use proprietary software to capture detail-level information – part number, serial number, weights, dimensions, client asset tag number, asset type, test results, etc. – that will allow us to audit against a material list you provide to us, or to produce and submit order-specific audit reports to you.

To further protect your product information and brand security, we will remove all asset tags and other customer-specific identification labels, with verification steps at multiple points in the process.

Example of reports we can produce:

  • Certificates of Recycling, Destruction and Information Destruction – Legal documents providing certification of full destruction, information destruction and compliant recycling
  • Equivalency Reporting – Specialized report showing the environmental impact savings associated with the material you have recycled/remarketed
  • Receipt Acknowledgement – document acknowledging receipt of order at the designated facility
  • Audit Reporting – Serialized audit report for each asset processed which may include, but not be limited to: make, model, serial number, asset tag, component specifications, test results, and final disposition
  • Settlement – a system generated document detailing line items, weights and corresponding payments/charges for individual orders
  • Contract Performance – Report of TCG’s performance as measured against various contract or SOW requirements
  • Custom Reports- Need something specific for your business? Your Business Development representative can setup any report to meet the needs of your organization
See an Example Equivalency Report Here

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