Data Management

Reduce Your Risk of a Data Breach

Data management in today’s technology driven world is vital to protect your business. Data containing devices are everywhere and the potential for loss of proprietary or customer information is very real. TCG has put together a data management program that ensures your data is protected, even if you choose to resell your data storage devices.

Hard drives having data sanitized

Secure Data Wiping & Destruction

TCG’s full service data management processes protect you and your business. We take the security of your information seriously so we use erasure tools that meet or exceed NIST 800-88 “purge and clear” specifications that  exceed the requirements of the old DOD standard.

All wipes are verified and tested individually. Any drive or media that fails the erasure process will be physically destroyed through shredding. Any drive not destined for remarketing will be physically destroyed regardless of results of the erasure test.

Our information destruction department is staffed only by trained individuals who have undergone more stringent background checks. The data destruction room may only be accessed by authorized employees with HID access badges and is monitored by 24 hour video surveillance.


Special Services

TCG can accommodate  any special requirements your organization may have. This includes meeting information security regulations such as HIPAA, HITECH, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach Bliley, FISMA, and FACTA.
Other special services include:

  • On-site de-installations
  • On-site destruction
  • Degaussing of magnetic media
  • Serial number/asset number capture
  • Certificates of information destruction
  • Witnessed/Recorded physical destruction
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