Materials We Handle

This list covers most of what we typically receive and process from our customers but it does not include everything. If you see something missing, give us a call at 352-527-2534 and ask for Business Development; we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Desktops Laptops
Cell Phones/Smartphones Monitors
Hard Drives Projectors
Printers Fax Machines
Security Equipment Copiers
Peripherals Speakers
Cables Circuit Boards
Televisions Game Systems
Home Theater Systems Desktops
Laptops Cameras
Cable Boxes Cell Phones/Smartphones
Tablets MP3 Players
Printers Scanners
Cables Portable Media (External HDD’s, flash drives, CD’s)
Servers Office Phone Systems
Power Backup Units Server Racks
Mainframes Mass Storage Devices
Hard Drives Cables
Peripherals Security Systems
Defibrillators Spectrometers
General Lab Equipment Anesthesia Devices
Ultrasound Devices
Modems Phone Systems
Routers Receivers & Transmitters
Network Switches Video/Audio Conferencing Equipment
Control Panels Excess/Obsolete Components
Floor Returns Unsold Material
Oscilloscope Meters
Test Chambers Network Analyzers
Point of Sale Scanners
Cash Registers Card Readers
Ferrous Metals Non-ferrous Metals
Circuit Boards Batteries