Technology Conservation Group Donates Over 3 Million Syringes to Organizations in Need

The following press release originally appeared on PRWeb.

TCG diverts medical equipment destined for incineration to educational institutions, humane societies, and veterinary hospitals.


Technology Conservation Group, Inc. ( has provided over 3 million syringes- with an initial retail value of over one million dollars- to various educational institutions, humane societies, and veterinary hospitals in the past few months. The newly developed program has found success in diverting the syringes that were once destined for destruction, to organizations that can make use of the expired equipment.

TCG received the syringes from an organization that had tried for several years to find an outlet for them before ultimately contacting TCG for recycling of the lot. “Our corporate ideals revolve around sustainability and a reuse first hierarchy so naturally we wanted to exhaust all options before destroying still sealed equipment,” said Hamilton Rice, President and CEO. “Our initial research indicated the syringes could be used in an educational setting so we reached out to the original company and got permission to begin exploring donations.”

The organizations receiving the syringes have been very pleased with the donations so far and had the following to say:

  •     “This was an extremely generous donation and will greatly benefit our students for a very long time,” said Susan A. Baker, Dean- College of Nursing at St. Petersburg College.
  •     “On behalf of our students, faculty, and staff here at the University of South Florida’s Center for Advanced Clinical Learning we would like to thank TCG recycling for their generous donation of syringes. We believe that this gracious gift will not only allow our students to learn and gain confidence but will also greatly impact the future of healthcare by proxy.” Karl Hastings, Simulation Specialist- University of South Florida Center for Advanced Clinical Learning

TCG has approximately 20 million additional syringes available for donation and in most cases can provide free delivery of the requested quantity. If your organization can make use of these syringes, please contact us and we can provide you with a complete inventory.

For more information on the syringes available for donation please contact us using the form here:

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